National Shooting Week

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National Shooting Week


National Shooting Week 2015

has been postponed. 




Thank you to all who made NSW 2014 the best to date!






Aims of National Shooting Week.


• To enable anyone to try shooting for the first time

• To promote respect for and understanding of legal firearms and airguns

• To provide opportunities to try Olympic and Paralympic disciplines on a nationwide scale


The need for National Shooting Week.

The need for NSW is two-fold; firstly, having a larger number of the population target shooting and therefore being members of organisations benefits the sport both financially and in popularity. Secondly, with shooting being more popular it will attract more media spotlight, helping educate those that may not understand the sport as well, and once again strengthening it in this country. 


What do people say about National Shooting Week?

Olympic Gold Medalist, Peter Wilson:

Shooting is an amazing sport. It instils strong values of respect, honesty, safety and a competitive spirit in those taking part, so is a great sport for children to get involved in..”





Helen Grant MP, Sports Minister:

“National Shooting Week provides an excellent opportunity for people to try the sport out for the first time, guided by expert coaches at clubs across the country. London 2012 gold medal winner Peter Wilson is supporting the week and who knows it may help discover an Olympic shooting champion of the future.”


Clive Efford MP, Shadow Sports Minister:

"National Shooting Week provides a perfect opportunity to learn about target shooting. I would encourage anyone who wants to try the sprt to join Olympic gold medallist Peter Wilson and give it a go."


National Shooting Week is organised by the Countryside Alliance. Read more about the Countryside Alliance shooting campaign here